Monday, June 27, 2011

Debts and Bills

I've mentioned in my previous post that I have always been in debt.
It's been years since I have been faithfully paying my bills, trying as much as I can to avoid finance charges (hard to achieve!), and desperately hoping that one day everything will be settled.

This 30th, I would be paying my 24th of 24 5kphp installments for my hsbc payeasy account!
wow! what an achievement!
i have done it! finally!
5k is big enough for me! and to pay it to hsbc for something that i cannot even remember what i bought before, is just sad.
i am excited to finally settle my final installment, to finally settle my hsbc debt, to finally feel free.

so last weekend i received a mail from smart.
as an overview, i used to have a postpaid plan locked for 24mos. with smart.
but a year after, i have shifted to globe, for 'love' reasons, which failed in the end.
thus, i have had my smart plan disconnected and now, smart is demanding the pre-termination fee of 11k from me!
whew! damn! another unsettled debt on my end!
this is never-ending! so damn stressful!

i have decided anyway to go to smart this evening to have my account reconnected.
trying to do some cost-benefit analysis on my situation,
i believe it would be better for me to just have it reconnected, so they could reverse the pre-termination fee.
i would benefit more in this setup.

too many bills.. too many debts...

i just hope that before the year ends,

i would definitely declare FREEDOM!

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